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22 Apr 2010 I am designing some pages that I need to preview on in the ipad. Problem is, I can't get Safari to refresh the page. Isn't there a way to force a
 20 Apr 2016 Browsers save (or “cache”) a lot of information in order to increase web performance, including images, text, and styling information for the site.
 6 Mar 2015 A hard refresh is a way of clearing the browser's cache for a specific page, to force it to load the most recent version of a page. Sometimes
 Go to Safari > Empty Cache , or hit Opt + Cmd + E . To refresh, click the refresh button on the addressbar or press Cmd + R . Another tip. If you want to restore Safari, like completely clear all the caches, or parts of it, go to Safari > Reset Safari .
 If you force quit Safari (click the home button, then double-click the home button, press and hold the Safari icon in the multitasking bar, then tap the red dot), it appears that Safari will clear its cache. But this will clear the entire cache, not just a single page.
 Does anyone know how to do a 'Force refresh' in safari? a big fan of fast and efficient short cut keys and normally things are so hard to do!
 24 May 2015 Clearing the cache that Safari uses on your iPhone or iPad can be useful in many ways. If you're new to . To do a hard reset: Press and hold
 Here you can find detailed step tutorial (with pictures) how to refresh (clear) the cache for Safari on a iPhone.
 27 Jan 2016 I then open Safari on the iOS device, hit refresh, and all HTML-, . caches from Safari > Develop > Empty Caches, and hard reloading from the